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No day is the same. Some days you feel like you can handle the world, while on other days you just feel down in the gutter.

We believe that every day is a new chance to make something of your life, regardless of what happened yesterday.At everyday-matters, we want to encourage and inspire you to make the best out of today. We try to do this by providing you with meaningful stories, as well as content filled with handy tips and tricks. We cover a wide range of topics but our main focus areas are:


We wholeheartedly believe in the saying: ‘a healthy body means a healthy mind’. So keeping your body in great shape is an essential part of living a happy life. That is why we’re offering you a whole range of helpful articles on everything that has to do with physical health: exercise, nutrition, lifestyle, environment, and health care.


Having a positive outlook on life is crucial to staying happy and healthy. We believe that mental health is just as important as physical health. So keeping track of your mental state is a critical part of your well-being. By bringing you articles on psychological subjects such as mindfulness, meditation, and therapy, we hope to bring you one step closer to getting, or maintaining, a healthy mindset.


A lot of the stress we experience in our everyday-lives starts in the workplace. So having a job that really fits your needs means that you will not only be more successful but also more healthy. We would like to help you get to know yourself a little bit better in the work field. What inspires and drives you? What do you need to feel fulfilled? Do you feel happy at your current job? These are all important questions to ask yourself when looking for a job, or when you’re trying to decide whether you need a change. By offering you practical articles, we hope to help you on your way to a happy and  successful career.



Getting a headstart in the world starts with a good education. That is why we believe education is such an important part of human life. But by getting an education, we don’t mean you should just go (back) to school, just to go to school. Finding the right educational path for you is what it’s about. But, because it’s not always easy to figure out the right path for you, we would like to help you on your way. Articles about choosing the right major, discovering your interests and about learning at any age, are just a few examples of what we have in our arsenal for you!

Everyone deserves a chance to turn their life around. This is yours. So seize today, because remember: Every. Day. Matters!

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